Steve Bonham
Artist's Statement

I love the complexity - the richness of the stained glass art form... glass, lead, "mud...", wood... the colors- the textures - the way that moving sunlight can completely change a piece into something new - hour by hour - day after day. I love the process. Imagining. Visualizing. Sketching... revising... Each piece demands systematic planning... Mindfulness and attention to detail. The whole - and simultaneously each piece to it's adjacent members - and the lead lines that bind them all into one. The connections are rich.

Working with glass places me into a position of planning, committing and (fortunately IN-frequently -) being penalized for NOT trusting my plan. A stained glass artist learns to follow-through. In this day and age which is defined by rapid if not constant change and instant gratification I see this as a healthy thing.

A lead and glass project makes me dream in color - and lines - and makes me constantly question myself - my concept - my planning... But MOST of the time it is forgiving enough that if I trust myself - - - it reveals not only a beautiful piece of art - but a beautiful piece of me... and that builds both confidence... and self-respect. In my mind that is THE most beautiful aspect of being involved in creating art.

"4 Fish" being assembled

How do I feel when I work on a piece?
In the flow...... time stands still.... IMMersed - lost.... and loving it.

Words or phrases that spring to mind - when I reflect on the work process?
Joy. Radiance. Warmth. Smiles... Laughter... Share. Glow... Precision. Perfection. Imperfection! Lovely flaws. Absorb and absorbing. Touch. Smooth. Textured. Beauty.

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