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Interactivity Practice Items

Online Guides

  • Creating a Professional Poster with PowerPoint

    This two-page guide details the procedure for creating a large (36" x 48" or larger) poster display using PowerPoint powerful vector graphics capabilities. Each step is detailed using a screen capture movie. There was an EPSS (Electronic Performnace Support System)/FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page linked to each of the video files. Sadly that functionality has been removed from the Georgia Southern webserver.

Virtual Worlds/Simulations

    The pieces listed below are a variety of projects I've been involved in during my career.

  • SoTL Expo 2010 & 2011; Formerly were virtual tours created using HTML, Quicktime & Javascript... This WAS a pretty cool tour of the College of Technology lobby at one one time. It was envisioned as a way for those faculty who were unable to attend the three hour event to virtually attend it afterwards. It included bios and introductory videos of the presenters, and several options for viewing their SoTL Research projects/posters - including viewing the poster (fit to screen or close-up (for table & graphs)) and or downloading the Powerpoint files. Management of these resources has recently (2013) been taken over by the Georgia Southern University Digital Commons (a Henderson Library/IT entity) and it is fairly "bare bones" now.
  • Smart Classroom Project; This project was designed as a 24/7 solution to a faculty need in using our SMART classrooms once the transition was made in over 150 classrooms within one academic term. While there were other support issues - one of the most problematic was in effectively using the document cameras.
  • SimMavica; Video; Prior to the adoption of an LMS standard (WebCT) on our campus, faculty were creating and managing their on course web sites and many were interested in learning to create interactive media and learning simulations. The first cross-OS development tool was Macromedia Authorware and we were excited about it's potential for teaching and learning. Due to it's flow-chart design mode it was not difficult to create interactive courseware. SimMavica was a demonstration of an interactive simulation for learning to use the Sony Mavica digital camera. It's use is captured here as a desktop movie. Please forgive the quality. At the time high video frame rates were bandwidth hogs so this was saved at 1 or 2 FPS.
  • Tumbling Techniques; PDF | Video; When I was teaching kinesiology and coaching techniques in the department of Sport Science I created a number of self-paced tutorials and simulations. Tumbling Techie was one of the first. Sadly the program that was used to create it (Hypercard) is no longer supported by the modern Macintosh OS. This courseware offered learners explanations of the biomechanical principles that should be applied to performance of all tumbling skills. The second version entitled TumbTech2 included a coaching simulator where animations of skills were displayed and the "instructor/coach" selected corrective suggestions for improvements. Then the animation was replayed with the performer using that feedback! Good thing there were soft digital mats! Students were required to use this tool (at the Library) for a minimum of one hour, but the average over a five semester period was 6.1 hours. They loved it... and it resulted in some very strong tumbling teachers... and I was invited to present this resource at dozens of state, regional and national conferences in the following few years.
  • Golf Rules!; video of Courseware/Simulation regarding applications of the rules of golf - w/ Intelligent Tutor - Hypercard). This product provided an overview of the game, a number of the cardinal rules and then an opportunity to "play" three holes three times while applying rules for 40 of the most often required conditions/situations encountered by novice players including; match v stroke play, asking advice, teeing ground, missed contact during swings, water hazards (yellow & red), grounding club in hazard, improving a lie, accidental movement of ball, 2 contacts during a swing, lost ball, out of bounds, provisional ball, seeking relief; unplayable ball (on course/in bunker), from obstruction (fixed/moveable), from loose impediment(s), from casual water (on course/in bunker), lifting/dropping/placing ball, lifting & cleaning ball, playing wrong ball, number of clubs, repairing a putting line, deflected ball (thru green/on green), and striking the flagstick. On almost every shot something goes arwy and the player is faced with a situation where s/he must make a decision using his knowledge of the rules. When patterns of misunderstanding are indicated a golf coach makes clarifications and suggests additional reading.
  • Prudent Heart Living; (American Heart Association courseware - Hypercard/Toolbook)
  • Physical Best; (Fitness Assessment tool for AAHPERD - Hypercard)
  • Time Flyer; (Analog Clock Time Telling Tutor/Game - Authorware)
  • Harzardous Reporter; (Journalism Simulator - Hypercard & Toolbook)
  • Gulf of Tonkin Incident; (EPSS - Hypercard)
  • 5 A Day Adventures; (Dole Foods Nutritution Education/Game CD - Authorware & Quicktime)
  • Race to Red Gulch; (Redesign of NovaNet's 'How the West was One + Three X Four' w/ Intelligent Tutor (Hypercard/Toolbook)

Workshops & Flipped Classrooms

Learning Communities

  • Georgia Southern Faculty Reading Rountables - Coordinator (2006-2011)
  • New Faculty Orientation; Member of Organizing Committee, Presenter (2001-2011)
  • Faculty Retreats; Organizer, Presenter (2001-2008)
  • SoTL Commons; Member of Organizing Committee, Speaker, Presenter (2007-2011)
  • IJSoTL; Technical Editor (2008-2011)
  • Faculty Workshops; Lead Instructional Designer for Teaching with Technologies (1997-2011)


Instructional Videos